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  • Burghfield Blue Pool
    Burghfield Blue Pool

  • Burghfield Gold Lake
    Burghfield Gold Lake

  • Burghfield Main Lake
    Burghfield Main Lake

  • Burghfield River Kennet
    Burghfield River Kennet

Our Company

We have been carp lake owners for a number of years and are passionate about growing very large English carp.

With the announcement of Cemex Angling selling their lake portfolio, we have set about to protect and develop a number of these fish and waters – continuing to add to our lake portfolio, resulting in a membership and customer base of Advanced Anglers.

We have had such encouragement and support from the fishing community;

“I think what the Advanced Angling Group is doing to ensure the welfare and development of thoroughbred English carp in their waters is excellent. Anything that preserves beautiful specimens and creates an environment for them to flourish should be applauded.” Ali Hamidi – Korda

head bailiff team

Richard Cottrell

Head Bailiff Burghfield Complex
Richard Cottrell
t 07795 671 769

Garry Dickson

Deputy Head Bailiff Burghfield Complex
Garry Dickson
t 07979 234 649

Matthew Slade

Deputy Head Bailiff Burghfield Complex
Matthew Slade
t 07549 842 380

bailiff team

We have a committed team of bailiffs working to protect, improve and develop our fisheries.

office team

Office Manager
Ashley Elston

Bookings, membership, customer relations, administration, marketing and finance

Group Director
Phil Greenacre

Group fisheries development & strategic direction

Commercial Manager
George Greenacre

Communication and strategic partners

Logistics Manager
Torie Hawkins

Operations and quality control

Product Development Manager
Joseph Langston

Product development